Velvet Factory Cod.DT-Factory Double Technology Sensor

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Model: eb-371844932307
Warranty: 24 months
Supplier: Eea
€79,80 €84,00

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Infrared anti -squeeze
Allows you to report any attempt to mask the frying lens.

Antimachesication of micro-waves
Allows you to report any attempt to mask the microwave section.

Pet immune
Immunity to small animals (with dedicated accessory application).

I reach 12 meters
The detector has an operational scope of 12 meters (as per tests according to EN 50131-2-4 grade 2 class IV).

Approaching crossing
The detector can be adjusted for operation in crossing ("curtain") or approaching ("corridor").

The detector is waterproof thanks to the presence of seals in the closing profiles.

Temperature compensation
The processing algorithms automatically optimize the detection according to the temperature.

24 months warranty