Pyronix XDH10TT-AM Outdoor Triple Technology detector

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Model: eb-222384791637
Warranty: 24 months
Supplier: Pyronix
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External detector

Mod. 101350

The XDH10ttam is a detector for external use that uses patented and consolidated high safety technologies, such as triple antimasciare and triple digital signal processing and adapted to external conditions.

  • Logic of revelation with three compensation signals
  • 2 infrared sensors combined with 1 microwave sensor
  • Integrated alarm cycal
  • Adjustable anti -mesches on the 3 technologies
  • Selectable end -of -line resistances
  • Microwave based on band x dro
  • 3 different frequency bands of microwaves
  • Bracket with optional anti -peanted tamper mechanism
  • Installation mode with lens 5: 2.4m installation with animal immunities up to 10kg
  • Installation mode with lens 3: 1.5m installation with animal immunities up to 25kg

Replaces the PX-XD10ttam Easyxd sensor