Pair of photocell compatible with gates BFT Nice Aprimatic Came Key

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Model: eb-223542940740
Warranty: 24 months
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Pair of photocells



with filter

New design!



Mod. Fo-Matic


Photocell outdoor, refined and coordinated design,

in filter-trasparent material to infrared rays.

The photocell creates a single -ray barrier with diversified digital coding on two possible channels (channel A or channel B).

The interruption of the infrared radius activates a double relay device that commutes a contact from c/nc to c/na or vice versa.

The photocell It can be used indifferently as an accessory device for gates automation systems or sliding doors or as a anti -theft sensor to intercept the presence of unauthorized people and generate the relative alarm.

Robusta: Polycarbonate body

Max capacity 20 meters

Size 120.5 x 30.5 x 30 mm

Alignment with proportional LED for easy and safe installation

Click on the link for the instruction manual:

Manual manual of the manufacturer


Alim. 12-24 VCC / VC

Metallic torn
Crystal lens, brought 20 m
Synchronized, capacity 20 m
Coded two -man digital operation
Double safety relay
TX/RX alignment leds
Nominal power supply 12.5vcc ± 5% / 24v ~ ± 5%
Absorption: RX (12v, 5cc) 30ma
Absorption: TX (12.5vcc) 35ma
Absorption: RX (24vca) 70ma
Absorption: TX (24vca) 80ma
950nm emission band
Maximum operating distance 20mt
Degree protection of the IP44 container
C/NA/NC 24V 1A contacts (resistive, not inductive)
Operating temperature -20 ° C ÷ +55 ° C

24 months warranty