Motor for roller shutters 100 kg 50nm adapts to Faac Came BFT 230V 220V

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Model: eb-372685035448
Warranty: 24 months
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 Motor for roller shutter

50 Nm


Max 100 kg flow rate

Acturator with great reliability mechanical end of the mechanical, where the attention to detail is combined with the ease of installation.

The particular care in the design of the engine's head has made it possible to contain the dimensions to a minimum,

allowing you to operate even in those laying situations where the space available is extremely limited.

Thanks to an innovative hook system, the assembly of any model of the range becomes extremely quick

And it is reduced to a simple shot of the support on the engine head.

Wide range of adapters, accessories and supports that allow the coverage of any installation need.

Click on the link for the instruction manual:

Manual of the manufacturer

Rectangular bracket, octagonal 60 mm adapter included in the package


A 50 kg engine cannot raise a 50 kg roller shutter, due to friction and inertia!

E.g. For a 35 kg shutter, we recommend a 70 kg engine (roughly double),

So as to have good functioning and reliability over time

Standard roller suitable for the octagonal 60mm adapter

Tubular motorhid.
Mechanical fulfillment at the opening and closing.
Assembly of extreme simplicity.
Power supply 230 Vac.

Couple: 50nm

R.P.M. 12

n. End of the race: 26

Time before thermal: 4 min

Absorbed power: 232W

Absorbed intensity: 1.01 a

Engine length: 57 cm

Weight: 2.6 kg

2 year warranty