K well 400 automation gate 2 doors Automatic electric beat 230v 230v

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Model: eb-233249171894
Warranty: 24 months
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Complete kit for automation gate

with two doors doors


With mechanical finecars at the opening and closing

** Use for doors up to 2.50 m and 200kg of weight **

Mod. Bhe 400mm 230V

Linear electromechanical actuator for condominium use,
structure entirely in metal, stainless steel stem.

Bhe automatisms, once installed correctly, must no longer be cared for,
since their maintenance is practically nothing,
The installation does not require any modification to the existing gate!

High performance electric motor.

The actuator is built for doors that do not exceed 200 kg of weight and 2.50 meters in length,
Aluminum body and the heart of bronze gears guarantee a long duration.

The actuator maintains the blockage in closing and opening without the need for electrosercture for doors,
Comfortable unlocking with triangular key located on the engine group.

Control unit with built -in receiver for ½ doors control.

Electronic clutch with comfortable and fast running regulation,
Possibility to adjust the second -door delay.

Slowdowns at the opening and closing.

Suitable for symmetrical and asymmetrical gates
Thanks to the possibility of independently managing the ENTRA Race.

K well 400 automation gate 2 ATHAPTING AUTOMATICAL

Click on the links for the instruction manuals:

Mechanical installation manual

Electronic installation manual

Composition of the kit:

n ° 2 linear electromechanical actuator for condominium use, for external uses
Emergency unlocking with key. It does not need electroserration.
1,400 engine turns. Potenza 200 W. Basket 1500 N. maximum opening angle 100 °.
Power supply 220 V. 50 Hz. Weight 6.5 kg

n ° 1 control unit with watertight box box, with adjustment adjustment trimmer and slowdown,
Eye surveillance detector, slowdown and closing slowdown, 4 operating logic: step-by-step,
Semi -automatic 1 and 2, condominium automatic. Pedestrian function only from remote control, protection against survivors,
Entrance for photocells and safety coasts, electroserracting management, reversal blow,
Anta-closing/opening of the adjustable closing, adjustment of the re-re-cleaning time.

N ° 1 Receiver Monocanal Radio built into the control unit (433.9 MHz)

n ° 1 antenna built into the control unit, brought 40 meters (433.9 MHz)

n ° 1 remote control 4 Rolling Code channels

n ° 1 pair photocell of wall

N ° 1 flashing 230V

N ° 1 Report signal

N ° 1 Accessories for installation, fixing brackets to bullied/welded with covers-staffe

n ° 1 assembly instructions of the mechanical and electronic part in Italian

24 months warranty