Double technology detector Syrio DT07 EAEA anti -Sacred sensor

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Model: eb-232212867127
Warranty: 24 months
Supplier: Eea
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The Syrio DT07 home anti -theft sensor is a double -tech anti -intrusion volumetric detector: Miconda (MW) and passive infrared (IRP).
It is intended for professional applications in the civil field in which high quality and compactness of the sensor are the main installation needs.
In addition to the usual "and" and "AB" detection mode, anti-accepting function of the infrared section, indicated to combat sabotage with paper, spray paint etc.
The Syrio DT 07 offers various functions including microwave off and alarm type memory.

And and
We have the alarm condition when both the microwave and infrared section detect the intrusion.

Anti -accepting of the Afraoxy to contrast attempts to conceal the atruse.

At the disarched system, it allows the range of the microwave.

Led off
Disable the detection views keeping the display of the memories authorized.

Allows you to view the first alarm that took place with a disarmed system.

24 months warranty