Central Sliding Cancello command card adapts to with Faac 740d 740 748

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Model: eb-223542904335
Warranty: 24 months
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Control center for sliding gates,

Tilting doors, barriers and shutters.



Compatible with all 230V engines of:

Came, Nice, Faac, Rib, Tau, Beninca, BFT, Ditec, VDS, Life, Aprimatic and all the other brands.

- Integrated receiving radio 433.92 MHz with fixed and rolling-code HCS codes management.

(The recipient is compatible with most of the 433.92 MHz fixed code / rolling code

of the brands on the market).

Dimensions: B.130 x h.95 x p.40 mm


The self -identifying universal plant has been designed for the automation of access to

1 230VAC engine with a finecors. It is equipped with an innovative self -learning procedure

For rapid installation and two trimmer for the end adjustment of the main parameters: slowdown and strength force in the running.

Are available:

- a rapid self -atening programming, in which the control unit automatically performs the maneuver of

Learning of the maneuvering times and sets the beginning of the slowdown both at the opening and at the closure of the maneuver at 85%.

- a professional programming in which the installer can determine the instant of the beginning of the

slowdown of the door, the qualification of the pedestrian opening via radio, the method of intervention of

safety devices.


• Command and control of automated access to 1 230VAC motor (max 1200w)

• Finecorsa input opens - closes NC

• Adjustable engine speed via 50-100%trimmer.

• Partial (pedestrian) opening both from remote control and on the terminal block

• adjustable parking time via trimmer from 0 to 120 seconds.

• Time of intervention of the control adjustable obstacle control via trimmer between 0.1 and 3.0 seconds.

• initial settings via DIP-SWITCH

• Reporting LED

• Courtesy light management 230vac 500w max

• 433MHz receiver incorporated with maximum 254 radio codes memorizable

• Incorporate flashing logical management

• On-Board reprogrammed flash microprocessor via serial interface.

• In accordance with the European reference directives: R&TT 99/05/EC

Click on the link for the instruction manual:

Manual of the manufacturer


Transformer power supply: 230/18vac 10va

Central power supply: 230 vac

Motor output: 230v max 1200w

Max engine absorption and accessories: max 8 amps protected by fuse

ACCESSION ACCESSION: 24 VDC - 150 but protected by fuse

Operating room temperature: -20 ° C / + 55 ° C

Programming parameters: stored in Eeprom

24 months warranty