BFT Deimos BT A400 Motor Operator 24V Sliding Gate Actuator 400 Kg

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Model: eb-372684990890
Warranty: 24 months
Supplier: Bft
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Motor for sliding door automation

Deimos BT A400
cod.P925222 00002

Motorhydctor for sliding gates up to 400 kg in weight. 24V engine for interior use.
Electronics equipped with the obstacle detection with BFT technology
And the possibility of inserting the batteries for continuous operation in case of lack of voltage.
Permanent lubrication with fat.

BFT 24V technology ensures optimal performance with a timely regulation of the slowdown in closing and opening.
Safety is another fundamental aspect by guaranteeing the arrest and immediate reversal of the race in the presence of obstacles.
The efficiency of technology is a guarantee of the reliability of the product

Traditional plants do not "read" the exact location of the gate and consequently adopt constant thrust levels,
without guaranteeing stable sensitivity over time during opening and closing maneuvers.
The BFT devices instead record the smallest variations of the gate or the door due for example to differences in temperature or wear,
constantly providing the optimal torque with the engine.
A traditional plant would not be able to detect the variations of the necessary push and would end up reporting the presence of non -existent obstacles.
The BFT system therefore guarantees maximum system safety and its perfect operation,
regardless of the climatic conditions, the temperature or the degree of mechanical wear.
For positioning, height and work from the ground of the Pignone 80 mm

Deimos BT technical drawing a
Control center Hamal
Power supply 230 V
AC power supply voltage 24 V
Absorbed power 50 W
Max weight. gate 400 kg
Anta speed 12 m/min
Finecors Electromechanical
Pigno module 4
Slowdown Yes
Block Mechanical
Release Lever with personalized key
Impact reaction D-track, u-link
Using frequency intensive
Degree of protection IP24
Environmental conditions -20 ÷ 55 ° C
U-Link no

The composition includes:

1 Deimos BT A400 motorhydutor
1 Hamal electronic card
1 fixing plate
1 Mechanical Fincars Group Opening and closing
1 installation manual

24 months warranty