600KG 220V sliding gate automation kit adapts to BFT Came Apricancello

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Model: eb-223542875551
Warranty: 24 months
Supplier: Cardin-Telcoma
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Cardin Telcomo

Evo 600 n kit

Irreversible motorhid

For sliding gates

Ideal electromechanical motorhid for sliding gates up to 600 kg.
Complete with encoder, magnetic and unorganized central fines.
Safe thanks to the precision and sensitivity of the encoder and the slowdown in the opening and closing.
Practical thanks to the advanced plant with a grafting and self-learning receiver.
Versatile with height and deep fixing adjustments.
Reliable with a robust aluminum base treated anti -corrosion and a powerful 230 Vac engine mounted on bearings.
Unlock with encrypted lock.

Kit content:
Evo 600
230 V electromechanical motorhydctor, fat of fat with magnetic finecour,
encoder and built -in central. For gates up to 600 kg.
Quick graft receiver 2 channels
N ° 2 transmitter rolling 4 -channel code
I see 180
Couple of orientable photocells
Flashing with antenna

Mounting accessories and signs included.

EVO600 Kit Motor Features N N
230 V engine voltage
Max engine current 3.4 a
Motor power 800 W
Maximum torque 21 nm
Thrust force 540 n
Max Anta 600 kg weight
Anta speed 10 m/min
Intensity of work cycles 40%
Encoder yes
Magnetic finecars yes
Thermal protection 150 ° C
GRASSO TS10 lubricant

Electronic Central Features Evo 600 n Kit
Model t101
Power supply voltage 230 V
Current max 6.3 a
Electronic slowdown yes
Compatible with Sun Power no

General characteristics Kit EVO 600 n
Operating temperature -20 +55 ° C
IP 44 protection degree
Weight 15 kg

24 months warranty