Terms and Conditions


The indicated price is subject to correction in case of error. Until the time of shipment, the quotation may be corrected if inaccuracies are detected. In case of discrepancies related to the price, description, or characteristics of the product, the customer will be promptly informed. If the customer identifies an error in the price of a product ordered, they will be given the option to confirm the order at the correct price or to cancel it. Dieffematic is not required to provide the product at the mistakenly indicated price, especially if the error is blatant and could have been reasonably identified by the customer as such.


It is important to note that the warranty does not cover burns, damage or defects caused by faults in the electrical system and/or neglect, negligence, or inadequacy of the system in relation to the intended use, nor does it cover damage or defects arising from tampering by unauthorized personnel or the use of non-original parts. Furthermore, it does not cover defects caused by chemical agents, foreign bodies or atmospheric and/or natural phenomena in general, nor damage or defects resulting from incorrect installation of the products according to the rules of craftmanship, safety and usage compliance, as explicitly indicated in the technical documentation.